Full Name: Angelique Valois
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Deputy
Player: Tink


Angel, as she prefers to be called, is thin, pretty, big tits, your basic nightmare. She stands roughly five and a half feet tall, long dark hair, healthy skin, soft alluring eyes of a gentle hazel. She's desire wrapped up in a gorgeous French package, for all intents and purposes. She blends easily into most social settings, commonly found sauntering across the floor of her club, or on the arm of some wealthy mover and shaker. Often wearing fashionable attire in those settings, but she's been seen in more comfortable clothes for more mundane events, or even out on her own.


Angel is somewhat of an enigma to many that know her, easily socializing with almost anyone, yet not revealing much of herself at all. She tucks herself in amongst the political sharks of the Camarilla such as the Ventrue and the rest of her Clan with ease, but can also shift and manage to not only fit in at a Brujah rant, but stir the Passions of such a gathering with a disciplined touch.

Friendly, outgoing, passionate about her ventures, and compassionate for her fellow Kindred (and many Kine for that matter), Angelique is a people person. She's willing to listen to anyone speak, as long as they do so with a medium of intelligence and rationale.

Though most see her as she wishes them to see her, a shallow, vain, less intelligent woman who relies completely on her looks, some have seen something different. Quite different. She's been known to say "this Rose has her own thorns" on occasion, or other such warnings not to underestimate her, but thus far she's done nothing to prove such claims. The best way to sum her up, is layers. She swirls mystery about herself, concealing her abilities, not sharing her deeper intelligence, or simply misleading someone about her true self.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Formerly a Deputy for the Camarilla Court in Vancouver, Angel mysteriously vanished during the Sabbat incursion. Though with some digging, a few knew she was still operating in the area. Many chalked this up to her merely hiding herself away when the going got tough, being a delicate Rose and all. Though there were whispers and sightings of her here and there that possibly suggest something different.

She owns The Black Rose club, a dual venue affair, dance and night club on one story, a Gentlemen's club on the other.

Some know her as a marvelous violinist, but she so very rarely shares her art, that there are but a select few that have ever heard her play.


She's had various issues with ghouls, including one that very well may have been a Mage.

She's worked as a high priced escort.

She's an assassin.