Full Name: Arrie
Clan: Ahrimane
Sect: Unkown
Position: None
Player: Avy


Arrie has an intense stare. Not just her cold blue eyes, there is something mysterious about her.. something sad. She has long scruffy blonde almost white hair. Pale flawless skin. She is not entirely feral nor really hippy, though she has a innocence that infects those around her, a curiosity and a love of life, that comes through with everything she does, everything she wears. Arrie loves pale or white, non restricting slip on shoes if anything. She hates layers and despite the chill she is comfortable is little dresses.


Arrie can come off innocent at first impressions and then very old fashioned once you actually sit and talk to her. She is an extremely spiritual person that embraces her clan and her place within it with everything she has. She has a quiet intelligence and a thirst for knowledge in what ever form it may come. She is curious in the night. This new world is as strange as it is magnificent but she will never forget the pain of the past that is still fresh with her. As such Arrie will always air caution especially with Kindred outside of her Sisters.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Arrie is an Ahrimane and proud of it. She has recently awakened after a very long sleep. The world is new and intriguing, she must touch everything, see everything and sate her curiosity. She has a very spiritual outlook on the world or worlds as she likes to see them as. Arrie is not afraid to speak her mind of such matters. Though where is is curious she can also be playful especially with those she likes. With those she does not know she comes off very proper, curious but very guarded. She can spook easily but those that know her would understand why.


Arrie was staked or in Torpor she never really clarifies. She was out for a century or more.

Her Sisters of her previous pack where killed by the Sabbat when they turned on her clan.

She hates Sabbat.

There is usually a playful energy about her.

Arrie is an Ahrimane, one of the last of her kinds.

She is under the protection of the Prince because of an Archon Strakha of the Ahrimane's that found her.

She has yet to decide if she is Camarilla or Independent.

She has a Ghoul called Sophie who she is extremely protective over. She refers to her as Little Sister.