Full Name: Birdy 'Eve' Violis
Tradition Akashic
Sect: None
Position: N/A
Player: Avy


Standing 5'5 Eve is well toned and carefree, lively, confident and cheerful. She dresses in what ever. Though Mostly jeans, shirt and jacket.. flat boots, edgy but classy.  She is not the seductive vixen or a classic beauty but she takes care of her body. She is just herself. Eve is usually seen with a headphones on or hanging around her neck and a small bag slung over her shoulder, in this sense she is a little retro.


There are many sides to Eve. Caring, opinionated, confident... mysterious, dangerous?. Like any bird all she craves is freedom. She hates being restricted or forced. To push this is to watch her fall apart most of the time though she likes to play it tough. She knows what she likes and most of the time she knows what she wants. She has her ideals and she loves to share them with people, always offering an idea or an alternative. She tries hard not to b a busy body but she has a hard to control curiosity that usually wins out.. which seems to be the root of all her problems. Eve is by far a passifist but to her belief and dedication is everything. She tries very hard not to fight unless prevoked, though when pushed there is a grawing darkness she fights to control.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Eve lives a life according to ideals and training she has dedicated her life to bettering herself and practicing a phylosophy of defence. She does not see the point in wealth or materialism as long as you are happy and for filled that is all that matters. Eve used to live a life that is one step above being homeless, though it seems she has given up such a life for the one she loves. Now a days she is seen mostly at the Black Rose night club owed by the Toreador Angel or in her Mage circles, looking healthier, stronger and better dressed. Where she actually lives now is still cloudy. She still goes where the day takes her despite her old life being long passed, only those closest to her know who or where she started. In resent nights her well known optimistic outlook on life despite the life she has endured has wavered greatly. Eve's past issue with Angelique is still filled with gossip and romour, again only those closer to the two would know the truth. She still mostly keeps her head down but usually spins a yarn if offered a burger.


Eve is a mage.

She suddenly appeared one night and was instantly accepted by those around her.

She is now ghouled to Angel.

Eve is a killer.

Her real name is Birdy.