Full Name: Clarissa
Tradidtion: Unknown
Sect: Unknown
Position: None
Player: Tink


Concentrated Sexy.  Calissa stands at roughly 5'1" and works that meager hieght for all its worth.  Her long dark hair is shaved along the sides of her head, and quite long on top, giving her a femmehawk look.  Multiple tattoos grace her skin, and she tends to dress in a more punkish look.  Her makeup usually consists of darker hues, but never black, just the hint of color that seems to paint her in a darker light, along with her mannerisms, one often comes away feeling like they were visited by something dark in the adorable little package. (Appearance 4)


Mercurial, that is a fair word to describe the woman.  She's prone to shifts of mood for seemingly unknown reasons, from flirtatious and playful to near molevolence at the drop of a hat.  She's caring, but tends to gaurd herself against those she doesn't know.  Secretive and stand offish, Calissa values what little privacy she's been afforded, only sharing intimate details with those she trusts, which is to say nearly no one.

There are various moments of vulnerability to her, suggesting the woman isn't completely having grasp of a few aspects of her life.  She often covers over her own insecurities with bravado, or sheer force of personality when she's in an unknown element.  She wields her charms and sex appeal like a sledge hammer out in public, easily distracting those around her with those qualities so they do not look too close beneath the surface.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Outside of the Mage's Chantry and club, the only real information anyone could know is that the woman frequents clubs and bars, usually with Frankie.  The two seem close to one another and even romantic, though there is some conflict there as both are young and possibly lost in their own skin.

Within Midnight's, the knowledges are conflicting as well.  A young custos?  Or the remnants of a Malfean spirit and a sleeper gone haywire via backlash, each person's opinion seems to be different when Calissa is concerned.  Some view her as dangerous, a powder keg waiting for a spark, others see her as a young girl struggling with the dramatic events that have brought her to the Chantry to begin with.


She's evil, dangerous, and will kill without much provocation.

She's a child looking for her own sense of self.

She's a hulk, that can destroy the city if anyone messes with her.