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Full Name: Charles the Savage
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Anarch
Position: --
Player: Mav


The first thing that should come to mind when you meet the Captain is just that; A Captain. He's rather stereotypical about his exterior, a modernised captain's longcoat, usually with a warm sweater underneath. Practicality's sake always comes first to him, though he managed to pull attires out well enough to seem sophisticated despite his modest origins. His hair is grey, eyes of an almost icy blue that paled from the embrace. His facial traits look like they took damage from time, and what probably used to be a very charming man got erased to give place to a worn and tired face. Most of the time he sports a five'o'clock beard. A distinguishing feature to take note of would be a scar that runs over his right eye's edge, though not blinded, it's memorable enough.


The Captain typically will be a cheerful sailor to be around with, a distinctive taste for refined goods, and a celebrant of (un)life. There is not a single week without some sort of kindred party on the ship, whether with his crew or with " Land Lubber " guests as he'd put it. He bears no ill-will towards the said lubbers, but life on ground is not a life for him.

He has a certain way of speaking reminescent of old sailor lingo, borderline pirate, in fact. His physical appearance isn't simply for show, and he has been around for many decades, though he has always been reluctant about change. He will be direct, and usually honest when it comes to business unless the lies can bring more money in. Money, which plays a big part of this kindred's unlife. If greed was personified, the Captain would be its spitting image. A lover of bargaining, and an opportunist, always ready to make a profit; But who can blame him? It is costy to keep a barge in shape, even with so many ghouls to keep it sailing.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Ambitious Anarch could resume that for you. But there's much more, and if everyone knows something of him, it's that nasty rumours follow him like a curse. That was highlighted when he arrived only recently on the docks of Vancouver. For now, other than said rumours, not much is known of the Captain and his crew of thirteen.


As the Harpy so kindly put it, ...

- He would be a pirate.
- There are seven different tales of what sort of ship he has.
- Fifteen on what sort of goods he deals or doesn't deal in.
- Thousands about who he's murdered or not murdered.
- And one sparkly lighthearted tale that he won't kidnap maidens unless they kindly ask to be.