Full Name: Dr Eleanor Friday
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogn
Player: Sociopathicus


Think Baba Yaga.

Dr Friday is about 5'3" tall, and stooped. Her skin is pale and hangs in thick folds, like it's sunken on her skin. Her hands are very gnarled, her fingers long and bony, their nails twisted and discoloured. Her hair is lanky, long, and white, much of it missing. Her eyes are pale green. She looks very much like a woman in her late 80s or 90s, and moves that way, using a cane to walk.

She dresses in dark colours. Long skirts with ankle boots, paler blouses with high necks and long sleeves, a jacket or waist coat to match the skirt. Always a hat when outside, often with a veil, and dark glasses.

If she obfuscates, you see a much younger woman, someone in their early 30s perhaps, with long thick dark hair, bright eyes. She'll dress in business chic of a dark coloured skirt suit.


Dr Friday is a quiet woman, though sometimes displays a sharp tongue. She doesn't appear to be interested in fighting, or being violent, quite the opposite. She's a den mother, a protector, someone who cares about the people around her.

Public KnowledgeEdit

She's a psychiatrist by profession, and has set up an office in one of the more lower class suburbs.


  • She's older than she admits
  • She has a 'thing' for Malkavians