Full Name: Jack Walters
Tradition: Euthanatos
Sect: -
Position: -
Player: Mav


Imposing. Tall, broad shoulders, a stern, seemingly permanent glare, with a deathly pale skin. Whenever he is on a night out, no matter how trivial things are, he must be on his best looks; and he wears prestigious clothings. A very striking feature would be his long platinum hair, which flows all the way down to his waist. Quite a contrast to his almost chiseled body and austere facial traits. He can come off as unyelding and cold by looks only; There is something sinister that veils him, but that changes when he gets acquainted with others. He appears to be in the mid to late thirties.

App 4, Intimidation 3


Jack takes an almost debilitating pride in anything he does, which makes him seem full of his own ego at times, even when he tries to help someone. He will oftentimes seem demeaning in the way he talks, belittling, even. He seems to be a cunning and calculating mind, and will rarely be seen smiling.

Public KnowledgeEdit



If anything, he left London to flee from something. He is very quiet about his own past, and it will be difficult to extort anything out of him.