Full Name: Jossey
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Position: N/A
Player: Avy


Fiery eyes that match her reddish brown hair. Jossie can pull of the slob as well as the beautiful rose. Jossie stands 5'6 confident in her skin, a perfectionist but not so much of her appearance, more so her mind and words. She is the carful thinker, often seen with a bag of chips to her its the little things not the image that makes the person.


Coming across somewhat surly Josephine is the socialite that rejects the socialites. Always the journalist driven by curiosity. Once she has the scent she finds it hard to let go. She is a woman that knows what she wants when she sees it and will let very little get in her way. Playful, flirty she is not all work. She likes to let her hair down and move away form Jossie the Toreador. She enjoys her vampiric nature but its a double edges sword, with it comes grief and guilt..but so does Journalism.

Public KnowledgeEdit

The journalist with ideals, a critic who despises those that would make her career. Josephine was born and raised in Washington where she captured the attention of her sire with her cynical outlook on high society. Jossie critics the arts and culture that embody the city. Form small time bands to high end fashion shows. She has her fingers on the pulse of the city even though she cant stand those she has to walk through to get to them. The rich mean nothing to her if there is no substance. She is driven to find obscure the talented and to show the her little world of their beauty. Trust funds are what is wrong in the world money is nothing with out heart and passion. She is the little voice in the night running the show in K-Rock FM 'Piece of Mind' five days a week where she voices her opinions across the air waves.


  • She is not what she used to be, she is accused of holding back now a days. A young man killed himself over what she said on her show.
  • Former Primogen, steping down for elders.