Full Name: Kassandra Tyvalt
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: N/A
Player: Tink


Kass looks at times under her already young age of 19, at other times, a touch older, but no one can argue that the girl is a young one. Rage red hair that she wears in a variety of styles, normally leaning to a more punk or gothic style of clothing. Otherwise, Kass is abit of a runt, not flat chested, but not endowed in her chest either, she's thin and short, standing just a hair above 5'. Multiple tattoos grace both arms, several piercings, and an attitude plastered all over her appearance.


Kass tends to get swept along through life on the currents of chaos she seems to create. Spontaneous and reactionary, she rarely actually thinks things out before doing them, which lands her in all sorts of trouble usually. She thinks and feels in extremes, one moment quite compassionate, the next all piss and vinegar, the little spitfire rarely leaves one confident of what she's about to do next.

She cares deeply for those that gain her trust, but gaining it takes some work. She tends to look up to people, especially women, that she finds she can relate to, having little experience in settings such as family and a deep rooted network of friends. Both of which she yearns to have in some way.

A final thing that is hard to ignore, Kassandra is a self defeatest. She runs for reality and the world around her by climbing into liquor bottles and numbing her torn emotional state with drugs, so much to an extent that its hard to miss her addictions. Not strung our and listless like many, she's on the road to ruin that claims so many youths in the world of darkness. Part of her desperately trying to find another road to take, the other part seems hell bent on getting to that destination as quickly as she can.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Not alot is known about the young woman, she seemed to breeze into Vancouver just a few short months ago, and was seen hanging out on the streets alot. Selling and buying drugs here and there, and never seeming for a lack of cash, one might assume some unsavory things.

The only true concrete fact some know of her is her Sire.  Kassandra is the Childe of the former Prince of Vancouver, and many whisper that her embrace was done under rather odd circumstances.


She deals the new street drug known as Eden

She's a prostitute

She's a rather accomplished thief