Full Name: Kayla
Tradition: The Akashic Brotherhood
Sect: -
Position: N/A
Player: Tink


Kayla is an attractive, athletic brunette.  Standing of average height, she has a natural look that lets her bypass the use of cosmetics, and general beauty products to keep looking good.  She instead focuses more on her body, and not for mere attractiveness.  She moves with the grace of a martial artist, the ease of a gymnast, and the focus of an Akashayana.  Long hair pulled back into a pony tail more often than not, Kayla tends to wear simple clothing, jeans, t-shirts and gym shoes. (Appearance 3)


Calm in most things, the young woman strives to keep her cool whenever possible.  Not to say its impossible to rattle her, but it does take effort.  She's friendly, empathetic to others, and usually willing to sit and listen and give her own advice should one need it.

As the conscience of the local Mages, Kayla takes her council seriously.  She speaks with those around her softly, but direct, not wasting much time with those that do not respect the fact that she herself is taking her time to assist them.  They will either listen, or they will not, she doesn't force anyone to do anything. 

She holds to her friendships fiercely, but once her trust is damaged, its near impossible to repair it, she treats those that have warry at best.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Kayla  is known to be one of the prominent faces among the Mage community in Vancouver.  She's not seen often outside of Midnight, but when she is its usually for a reason.

Tragedy struck her life before her arrival, that tragedy is one reason she is here.  She rarely speaks of it, but there are a close select few that know her loss.