Magenta Harth
Full Name: Magenta Harth
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Position: N/A
Player: Avy


Magenta is not the typical prince. Yes she is dark and some what sultry but she's not a classic beauty. She is best described as alternative. Magenta likes to flaunt her body. Corsets, lace, leather. Usually the darker colours, her hair though dark has a reddish tint to it. She does have many tattoos across down her arms and across her body but every now and then these change in design.


Ordered and flirtatious. There are many sides to Magenta. She is first and foremost a Tremere never let her facade's fool you. If you watch carefully you will see the proficiency, order and control of those around her, she is a perfectionist expecting only the best of those she surrounds herself with. She is also quiet playful to what end she keeps most things to her chest never showing her hand. She enjoys to watch people squirm or shiver depending her mood. Confident.. there is not much she cant get when she wants it.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Former Prince. Magenta walked in to Prince of Vancouver after the last prince and council was killed during a Sabbat invasion. In the end she was looked up to as a leader during the war when the elders where killed or fled the city.  Before this she was whip to her Primogen for over a decade. It is unknown where Magenta came from, her accent is mixed and hard to pinpoint, nor is it known how old or powerful she is. She seems to be favor the Tordeador, she chose them to place the new Elysium in there granted territory. Why she did this, she does not share. Recently she Embraced a known to most as Kass due to the girl sacrificing herself to save Magenta


The war was a sham to get the Tremere in power. She framed the Brujah traitors to get the heat off herself when she claimed princedom.

She is just the face of the Tremere Elders that now control the City.

Her childe Kass was a Sorcerer.

Justicars fired her for reasons unknown.