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This OWoD revised campaign is set in a dark Gothic punk world of Vancouver, Canada. The Elders of the Camarilla have a firm grip on the city, carved out over a hundred years with the blood and tears of the young. While the Neonates are the soul of the city, the Elders lust for power and manipulate for control. It is a struggle to survive against those of the power hungry and evil emerging. Among the Werewolf tribes that surround the city, waiting for anyone foolish enough to cross into their lands. Among the Mages who care only for their agenda and the Hunters who lurk watching. Among the Sabbat vigilant and ever present there are a hundred ways to die in this maze of darkness and despair.

This is a Sheeted/dice moderated IRC game. For more information go to #Descending_Hell to speak with and ST or come see us at #Descent_from_Eden on (the Darkmyst server).

Accepting Vampires, Ghouls, Sorcerers and Mage

For a peak of the Camarilla go to: The Camarilla Council and Clan Domains

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World of Darkness

Characters by Type

Dtf Vtm Mage
Age mortal Age ghoul Age sorcerer

Vampire the Masquerade

Sects and Factions

Faction camarilla Faction anarchs Faction independent Faction sabbat

The Clans

Clan assamite Clan brujah Clan followersofset Clan gangrel Clan giovanni
Clan lasombra Clan malkavian Clan nosferatu Clan ravnos Clan toreador
  Clan tremere Clan tzimisce Clan ventrue  

Bloodlines of Note

Bloodline ahrimanes Bloodline caitiff Bloodline daughtersofcacophony Bloodline gargoyle Bloodline serpentsofthelight

Mage the Ascension

The Traditions

Tradition akashicbrotherhood Tradition celestialchorus Tradition cultofecstasy Tradition dreamspeakers Tradition euthanatos
Tradition hollowones Tradition orderofhermes Tradition sonsofether Tradition verbena Tradition virtualadepts

Demon the Fallen

The Houses

House defiler House devil House devourer House fiend
House malefactor House scourge House slayer
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