Full Name: Persia
Tradition: Unknown
Sect: Unknown
Position: N/A
Player: Tink


Simply known as Persia, the girl is a saucy little minx. Standing a compact 5'2", she's a mix of adorable, wild, and alluring. Oddly enough, she tends to hold somewhat feline mannerisms, especially in her attitude. She tends to like attire and appearance on the eccentric side, having somewhat big hair, wild wardrobe choices, and enthusiastically odd makeup applications, all worn and done with painstaking care. She goes from classic pinup ideas, to grungy modern goth-punk clothing, and seems to love to 'dress up'


She's a fickle little bitch. At times she's cuddly and clinging, and other times she's known to completely ignore whomever is about to do whatever it is she wants. She's playful when the mood strikes her, teasing and tormenting anyone about just for the fun of it. She can be seductive and sensual, or aloof and stubborn, going between all of these demeanors with little care and no compromise.

The only constant is her absolute love and devotion to her sister, Steph, to which she's usually lurking around.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Outside of Club Midnight, not a single thing is known about Persia, not even the fact that she exists. The girl tends to stay within the confines of her adoptive Father's club and the Chantry beyond most of the time. On the rare occasion that she does venture out, she's horribly curious about anything, taking hours to go a few short blocks due to all the stopping and poking at the various things about.

Inside Club Midnight (All information is considered OOC unless RP'ed to know) she's well liked. Her more mischevious endeavors are usually overlooked by the Chantry's Mages, and she's seen almost like a young child, more smiled at than scolded for her impish behavior.


She's the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Ask her, she'll tell you