The Camarilla Council
Bram Charl
Full Name: Bram Full Name: Charles Grady
Clan: Gangrel Clan: Toreador
Position: Prince Position: Seneschal
General Info: The man simply known as Bram is mostly a mystery, seemingly sweeping into Vancouver and taking domain for himself, with assistance some say. He is known as a brute by many, a staunch supporter of the Camarilla and a hated enemy of the Sabbat. General Info: An A lister, a man of means, an eye for beauty. He can be a little controlling of things he wants, Possessing them until his attention is taken by something else. He owns a prominent fashion agency.
The Primogen
Andrew Fran
Full Name: Andrew Wiers Full Name: Francesca
Clan: Brujah Clan: Malkavian
General Info: Andrew is a business man, a no nonsense, business man. Cutthroat in his dealings quite often, he runs his Clan much the same way General Info: The child prodigy. Apparent age early teens but far from it mentally. She is dark and dangerous but well groomed. Her knowledge is vast but is the price worth it?
Robert1 Elle
Full Name: Robert Full Name: Elle Lange
Clan: Nosferatu Clan: Toreador
General Info: Not much is known. He spends most of his time in the Nosferatu underground. What little is known is that he is the king of the Unions, manipulator of the lesser masses. General Info: A professor of art history and anthropology. She works with the university and manages exhibitions with the museums. She is soft, gentile, loved. She had a reputation for an amazing temperament and known to be a pacifist.
Elexia Gregor
Full Name: Elexia Royce Full Name: Gregor Cadinas
Clan: Tremere Clan: Ventrue
General Info: Known for her collections and influences across the city with in the occult and private collectors. She is one of the original Council Members that disappeared soon after the first Sabbat assault but now she is back. General Info: Life is good. Excess, decadence. Wealth, success. Life is good when things are easy. Money is power and he has a lot.