Full Name: Sasha Mills
Clan: Ravnos
Sect: Independent
Position: N/A
Player: Avy


Sasha has the face every mother will love, she is tall charismatic and confident. She has striking blue eyes and a winning smile, standing tall at 5'8 she possesses a some what friendly demeanour, she's everyone's friend. When out and about rarely seen without her leather jacket, her smokes or a phone in hand. Sasha has shoulder length dark brown hair and prefers dark sensible cloths. (Smooth, Approachable, Charisma 4)


Always on the go always having plans, business and contingencies. To her a good time is a good business meeting with her fingers in every pie. Its never about the money, its about the trill the plot and the follow through. Western Law is something for her to bend around to play with. She hates to love it, for with out it where will be her risk. Fiercely loyal to her allies, territorial when it comes to her family.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Sasha works street level though she is far from a thug. She sees herself as the crime boss without going into the heavy set world of the underworld. That is not what she is about. Sasha deals in stolen goods. What she don't have she will acquire. When it comes to her work reputation means everything.

Sasha is involved with Poppers Pawn Shop in Roswell, it is owned by her little cousin Nadia Mills.


Nadia may or may not be her ghoul or is it her cousin?

She is an Independent that has been coming and going in Vancouver since it was founded.