Full Name: Selene StClair
Clan: Lasombra Antitribue
Sect: Independent
Position: N/A
Player: Tink


Selene's appearance tends to be wreathed in shadows, sometimes quite literally. She's of average height, and healthy weight, curvy and attractive. Long dark hair that is normally kept rather well, make up that looks professionally applied, and an exterior appearance that has been carefully applied. The woman sports several tattoos, many of a more occult origin, and in various places on her pale skin. She leans towards dark clothing of various style, from jeans to leather to skirts, normally dressed for occasions.


A contradiction in appearance to reality, Selene is usually somewhat withdrawn. She's observant, a people watcher, seeming to disect social situations rather than join them. She's wise beyond her apparent years, holding a vast wealth of odd knowledge, most of which leans heavily toward the occult. Many a Kindred has relied upon that knowledge in the past, and thus far she's not exacted payment for most of it, save to be left to her own affairs within the borders of the city.

She spends much of her time isolated in the marina that acts as bearth for her yacht, which gives little insight to her actual personality, only a select few are allowed close enough to see who she really is.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Selene has come and gone from Vancouver many times over the last few decades, sailing in, making anchor, staying for a time, and then suddenly vanishing once again.

She's an expert on many realms of knowledge concerning the Kindred. From the Camarilla to the Sabbat, independents to the Clans held within both Sects. Some know she is also quite a student of other areas of the Occult, mainly the abyss, and the shadow denizens that lurk there and give birth to the stuff of darkness she manipulates with her Obtenebration.

She's an Elder, and doesn't hide this fact at all.


She's the Childe of a Camarilla Prince in Europe.

She has powerful allies within the Camarilla.

She holds to her Independent stance, not out of hate for either Sect, but to maintain her own goals.

She not only doesn't hate neither the Camarilla nor the Sabbat, but has allies within both Sects.

Her only true confidant and friend is the Ravnos, Sasha.