Full Name: Sophie
Clan: Ahrimane
Sect: Unkown
Position: Mpme
Player: Saby



- Likes to help people when she can.  Very knowlegeable about how to survive on the streets.

- Doesn't always take things at face value.  She prefers to do the research herself.  

- She is a survivor first and foremost.  Once you get to know her though, she can be rather loyal if she likes you.  

Public KnowledgeEdit

- She was a well known street rat for the past few years, but recently has moved up in the world.

- She has a pet rat named Nibbles who she loves dearly.

- Calls Arrie her sister, and seems to be on friendly terms with Red too.

- Her curiousity sometimes gets the best of her, putting her into some odd and sometimes dangerous situations.  


- Sophie can't read or write.

- Sophie has amnesia.

- Sophie has the ability to talk to spirits and sense them.

- Sophie's amnesia came from repeated applications of forgetful mind.

- Sophie hasn't been seen much around the city lately.  Maybe she left?