Full Name: Amanda "Squeak" Brooks
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Anarch
Position: None
Player: Tink


Standing a petite 5'1", Squeak is a rather physically unassuming girl.  Looking to be just in her early 20's, she's thin, cute, and tends to dress down.  Her dark hair is kept shorter, usually a little ruffled or messed up from sleep, and usually wears minimal makeup, if any at all.


As her nickname suggest, she's not exactly an A type personality.  Squeak is at times loud, yes, but usually for some reason.  She's withdrawn quite more often than not, wrapped up in whatever it is she's focused on at that time, usually an engine of some sort.  She takes great pains however to wrap herself up in misconceptions of who she really is.  She boasts, she warps truths, she flat out lies in order to misdirect people from her obvious short comings.  Its not beyond her to inform people that she's a complete bad ass and will kill them without hesitation, loudly at that. 

The truth is much different however.  Squeak, is a notorious coward.  She's usually heading in the opposite direction of conflict, or just getting far enough away from it to actually be of use, because in a fist fight, she's none.  And she knows it.

Public KnowledgeEdit

There's a cute young girl in BiTown that owns a garage, she's odd, talks to herself alot, and is quite quirky, but no one in town can fix an internal combustion engine like she can.  Something of a savant with engines and mechanical devices, she's been in BiTown for some time, unobtrusively doing her thing.  She even works with the local authorities on their cruisers and company cars.

Though, for the most part, she keeps to herself, doesn't get involved in much of anything, and seems to like it that way.


She's been here longer than most Vampires in the area.

She's not a vampire at all.

She's the exclusive mechanic for half the police forces in the Greater Vancouver area.

She's a mystic shaman that communicates with machines.