Full Name: Stephanie Byron
Tradition: Dream Speaker
Sect: -
Position: N/A
Player: Avy


Steph is a 5'4 Red head, fiery, cute and extremely charismatic. Brilliant blue eyes Steph dresses playful to show off her body without going to revealing. Preferring to leave things to the imagination. She is some what the girlie girlie though quiet guarded.


Steph is guarded with those she first meets, taking things slow conservative. She is a careful understanding the world around her. She is not with out her charm, when confident she can be charming and flirty though more a romantic at heart. Only those very close will see the real her. Steph tends to mostly speak her mind and can be quiet stubborn with what she wants.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Found at Midnights (only known if discovered though IC RP). Steph is the adopted daughter of Merlin (again only known though RP IC) and sister to Persia.


Steph is involved in some secret underworld which involves her father Merlin at the head of it.

Persia is her sister.