The Law
Scourge Sheriff
Full Name: Reginald Akisson Full Name: Jerrick
Clan: Nosferatu Clan: Brujah
Position: Scourge Position: Sheriff
General Info: Next to nothing is known of the Prince's Scourge, what little information there is, is simply that Bram and Reggie have worked together in the past, and its a bloody past indeed General Info: Jerrick runs a biker gang which the Cities Deputies are members of, He's smart, calculating, and most underestimate him for being both due to his rough and thuggish demeanor. Bram seems to trust him though.
The Deputies
Beth1 Knives
Full Name: Beth Phillips Full Name: Johnny "Two Knives"
Clan: Brujah Clan: Brujah
General Info: She thinks shes the shit. She is violent, abusive, a known blackmailer. She can also be your bestest best friend. Depending on what side you get her on. It pays to pay with Beth. General Info: Two Knives hooked up with Jerrick somewhere in Arizona several decades ago, the two have been thick as thieves since, friends and compatriots through several conflics with the Sabbat