Full Name: Vincent Gautier
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Independent
Position: N/A
Player: Silver Fox


6'0 185 pouns of solid, well toned muscle. Light green eyes that always seem to be watching, assessing whatever target lies within their gaze.

His attire is casual. Jeans sporting some rips here and there, not so much from fasion but from wear and tear. Solid colored t-shirts, wifebeaters, or button up shirts are his choice. Leather boots are often his preferred footwear. A few simple trinkets of jewlery seem to always be on. A bracelet or two on his right wrist, and often a necklace around his neck.

His voice is laced with a thick French Creole accent and he oftens mixes the speech with English when talking.


Logical and well spoken. He enjoys a decent conversation, but seems to have a distaste for small talk.

Honorable and courageous. He is never afraid to come the defense what is just, and right. He is known to defend those weaker than himself where needed, and come to the aid of those stronger where needed.

Judgemental. You are judged by your words, but even more harshly by your actions.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Was once Sabbat, but is no longer tied to them by any means.


He has undergone a change, and is now a competely different person than he was when first entering the city.

He changed his name to Vincent to reflect the aforementioned change.